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Tame Obert

Private Investigator

Tame Obert, Operations Manager at Atlas Law Group

Tame Obert is Atlas Law Group’s in-house private investigator. As one of our most valued employees, she works with our attorneys to provide the best possible defense for all of our clients.  Tame has been known to work all hours of the day or night gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses. 


Tame began working as a private investigator in Salem, Oregon for many years, but moved to Bend, Oregon in 2013.  She brings with her years of investigation experience in criminal defense, civil work, workman's compensation, and family law. 


Tame, is a licensed private investigator with the State of Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training and brings a unique approach to our cases. She believes in a caring and well-rounded approach to working with clients, witnesses and other persons she comes in contact with. Our attorneys rely on Tame daily to help maintain communication with clients and following up with needed investigation.

Tame does not get time off so she enjoys hearing what everyone else does in their "off time".

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