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The skilled attorneys, at Atlas Law Group, can craft defenses and mitigation to zealously advocate for your rights. If you find yourself charged with a crime please contact us as soon as possible. 

          Our expertise includes:

          - Murder/Manslaughter                                   - Marijuana and Drug Crimes                      - Ballot Measure 11 Charges                          - DUII

          - Felonies                                                          - Restraining/Stalking Orders

          - Misdemeanors                                                - Sex Offender Registration

          - Domestic Violence/Person Crimes



Being charged with a drunk driving or DUI offense can be a traumatic experience for a driver. In the event that you or a loved one is arrested for drunk driving, you will need experienced legal representation that can immediately start to prepare your defense, help you reinstate your driving privileges, and work to mitigate penalties and fines. With years of experience handling hundreds of DUI trials and DMV Hearings our team of talented attorneys at Atlas Law Group with help you achieve the best results possible.

Property crimes can range from low level misdemeanors to high level felonies.   It is not uncommon in cases of multiple thefts, for the state to aggregate the charges to increase the severity of the charge and penalty a person could be facing.  In other cases that fall under ORS 137.717, or Oregon’s Repeat Property Offender Statute, a person could be facing a prison sentence based on their prior criminal history.
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Criminal drug charges usually involve accusations of possession, delivery, and/or manufacturing of a particular drug or controlled substance.

Oregon Drug Schedules: The crime seriousness of possession, delivery, and manufacture of controlled substances may depend on how the controlled substance is scheduled. Oregon law differentiates between five drug schedules: Schedule I are controlled substances that have the greatest perceived danger; Schedule V are drugs that have the least greatest perceived danger.

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Being accused of sex crime can have lasting and severe consequences. Many sex crimes in Oregon are felonies. This means that in addition to the loss of certain civil rights an individual convicted of a sex crime in Oregon may face a lengthy term of imprisonment in the Oregon Department of Corrections. Some Oregon sex crimes are Measure 11 crimes. If you or someone you know is convicted of a Measure 11 sex crime they may be required to serve a mandatory sentence in prison. A conviction for a sex crime may also result in a requirement to register as a sex offender.

The government has the requirement to prove the elements of a sex crime with proof beyond a reasonable doubt. In

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Criminal convictions never come off your record unless you obtain a court order expunging the conviction.  If you have been charged with a crime, but the case was dismissed, your record will reflect an arrest.  Arrests will also remain on your record unless you expunge them.  Your criminal history can affect many areas of your life; from employment, to financial aid to housing and services.  Under Oregon law, some arrests and convictions can be expunged or removed from your record.  These generally include misdemeanors and low level felony convictions.  Most sex crime convictions, traffic crime convictions, and higher level felony cases are not expungeable.  There are exceptions though, and you should contact our office to schedule an appointment to discuss whether your convictions or arrests are eligible.

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