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Carefree Drive

Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII) charges make up a large majority of all criminal charges filed in Central Oregon and the State of Oregon.  Along with charges for Driving While Suspended (DWS) that often proceed a charge for DUII, the court system has its hands full. When charged with DUII / DWS it is important that you and your case does not get lost in the shuffle. That is why having an experienced criminal defense attorney working for you is so important to emerging from these difficult life events with the best possible outcome.

Many people have an idea that a DUII diversion program exists, but without knowing the details of the program such as:

  • How and when the ignition interlock device requirement can be avoided;

  • How and when the fee for diversion can be reduced;

  • How and when the evaluation must be completed;

  • How and when to overcome and objection from the District Attorney about entry into diversion.


Without the right representation, you may find yourself unable to complete diversion because you are lacking knowledge about key components of the diversion program, or even worse, you may miss out on the chance to participate in diversion entirely.


Sometimes diversion is not an option, at those times it is important to have representation that knows how to negotiate. Our attorneys have negotiated hundreds of DUII cases, resulting in the most favorable outcomes possible for our clients. We know what details and factors are required to turn a daunting outcome into one that can be readily managed.


Successful DUII representation is also about knowing when to take a case to trial and how to succeed in a trial setting. Whether a DUII allegation involves alcohol, cannabis, other intoxicants, or a combination can entirely change the complexion of a case. Our team is skilled at cutting to the heart of the matter by getting answers to vital questions regarding the validity of the procedures used by law enforcement, whether civil rights were violated during the process that could result in the exclusion of evidence, or if an expert in toxicology is needed to testify on your behalf.


Not only can we represent you in the court system, but our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in front of the Department of Motor Vehicles in administrative hearings. It can be a crucial element of a case that is often overlooked, but DMV hearings can provide relief from driving license suspensions and additional information about the case that can be used in court.


With more than sixty years of case law around the issues involving DUII, this most common of criminal charges has become a field of landmines for the unwary. Get excellent DUII/DWS representation today by calling the Atlas Law Group.

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